I Am A Student Midwife

It is my belief that ALL women should have…

A choice about where they give birth

A choice about who looks after them

A choice about what care they have while pregnant and in labour

Antenatal, Intrapartum and Postnatal care from the SAME person/small group of people.

The chance to feel fulfilled and content after their birth experience

The right to feel like an individual, not a sheep

I’m lucky, I live in the UK, we offer this…I am taught this, as part of my training, but it’s not like this everywhere…


this is a documentary about maternity care in the US, it’s quite shocking to me, as it’s so different… I think it needs changing, urgently, and with elections coming up…maybe my US followers will think about this :)


this is what maternity care SHOULD be, reblog this if you want, find out about midwifery in your area…what is on offer, and what do you think should be on offer. This can only change if women want it, but if they do, then it can change :)

Feel free to tell me what you think, do you agree, disagree, why/not?